Monday, August 11, 2014

My (almost) 6 year old neighbour is very happy :)

Squirtle (my nickname for the neighbour lad :D) popped over yesterday to ask if I could make him a blanket and pillow for his new teddy bear bed.  His dad made him a beautiful wood bed as a birthday gift, and suggested to Squirtle that I might be willing to sew a blanket for it :D  I told him I'd be happy to make him something, and took him down to my basement so he could pick out fabric.  As he was leaving, his dad told him to ask me "How much will this cost?" - I priced it at 3 hugs :)  Fair, I think!

He picked it up tonight and he beamed the whole time he was here :)  He was one very happy little squirtle ... which of course made ME a very happy "auntie" squirtle, LOL!  I made a mattress, and a quilt, and a pillow, and a pillowcase, all sized for the bed :)  I hope some of the other kids in the family are or will be in need of dolly/teddy bedding - this was a fun set to make!

P.S.  In the middle picture, bottom row, you can - just barely - make out the wonky heart I stitched onto the center of the quilt.  I quilted the top layer to 2 layers of  flannel, then birthed the quilt with backing.  I added the quilted heart to attach the two outer layers together - I've been doing that on bibs as well, as an added embellishment and to quilt the fabrics :D


  1. No wonder Squirtle was beaming. What an awesome set for his new bed!!! Love the fabric. His Dad did a great job on the bed, too.

  2. Three hugs sounds like a very good exchange rate :) What a great set, that will be one very comfortable little bear!

  3. This one is so, so sweet!


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