Friday, September 19, 2014

Odds and ends and bats and sharks :D

Using up the last bits of fabric pouches - these Halloween pouches measure 8"w x 7.5"t.  They're lined with black TOT, and feature bat zipper pulls (!!), bat buttons as an embellishment, and quilted fronts with bonus curved quilting for fun :D  IIDSSM, I did a nice job!
A bunch of small zipper bag finishes - all will go to Blue Hills :)
A shark gift I completed in September.  Shark pillowcase (fabric here), pencil box, cookie cutter, stickers, stuffy (pattern originally bought here, but I don't see it listed in her store now), 3D applique zipper bag, reading book :)   I'm linking to my sources where I can in case anyone else wants to do a shark gifty - these are NOT affiliate links - NAYY!!!!  This gift set has been posted to the Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :D

Here's a close-up of the 3 items I made for the gift :D
Two winter notebook covers :)

The shark Christmas gift was given to the recipient's Nonna and Nonno earlier this week, so they'll deliver it in person this weekend, and mom can hide it until Christmas :)  It feels good to have it done and sent early, and it feels even better that I didn't have to pay Canada Post $20 to mail it!  That's $20 I can spend on fabric instead, LOL! 

Posted to September's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party ;)


  1. Love all your projects but that shark with the cross eyes is so funny.

  2. Sandra you put all of us to shame, lo! Oh my goodness that shark gift set is amazing. And bat zipper puls - you are the queen of finding stuff like that! Too cute!

  3. That's an awesome shark gift set, right down to the cookie cutter. You are amazing the way you co-ordinate your gifts.

  4. You really are a wonder woman! Another fab collection of makes! Congrats on being so organised for Halloween and Christmas already :D

  5. what a fab gift! Let's just hope the little recipient hasn't seen Jaws so doesn't have a fear of sharks! it's wonderful all the stuff you make for Blue Hills, but also very sad as the amount of zippies you make must mean there are a lot of people passing through the shelter (though I'm sure your gifts bring them a ray of sunshine, it's a shame they need to be there in the first place)

  6. What a great shark themed gift. It's defintiely a great idea to organise early for Christmas when it helps avoid the postage - I do the same too.

  7. I love these shark makes, and what a great idea to have a collection like that all around one theme. Perfect for a boy, or girl, with a particular obsession.


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