Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sleigh bells ring - are you listening? :)

Christmas sewing!

Drawstring gift bag - appliqued with this lil lady ... 

I'll just pop these into the drawstring bag and *poof* - gift done!
Owl hand puppet tutorial is from Sewn Together by Jenny Doh
Finger puppet pattern was available to Good Critters newsletter subscribers - it may not be available any longer.
The book is from Amazon :)

Not a Christmas gift, but a donation bag - a floral toiletries bag :)  I call it a toiletries bag because I have toiletries from the dentist that I don't use so I save them and donate them in a pretty bag :)

A finish-up-some-scraps pleated pouch :)

3 more Eunice bags - these are all Christmas gifts :)  When I have all the goodies made and collected that are going inside, I'll take group photos :D 

Shark bag - this isn't a Christmas gift either, but I wanted to make a pouch for a young lad - I think he'll like this shark *chomp* :D

All 7 of these bags will be posted to the Bag It challenge, and the owl pieces and Eunice bags will go to the Ho Ho Ho linky party for November :)  I'll post the puppets to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me linky for November - both designs - the hand and the finger - are new to me, and I think I did a nice job on them, so I think they deserve a New to Me designation :)   I have snowman hand puppets, wallets, little girl finger puppets, and more Eunice bags finished that I need to photograph ... Christmas sewing is almost complete :)   Christmas shopping is almost done as well - I'm hoping to have time to finish up some UFO projects in December, rather than frantically sewing on Christmas Eve to finish things up, hehe.  It would certainly be a first :D


  1. Love the expressions on those owl puppets Sandra :) Thanks for linking up too.

  2. Super cute little owls! I love how you've done the floral toiletries bag with the quilting behind the appliquéd flowers - very effective!

  3. What a great collection of bags. Need to check out that Eunice pattern. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  4. Very cute. I just love the owls and the shark. Bags are always a great useful gift!

  5. All fab! I really like the shark! Great idea'


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