Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ladybug ladybug - fly away home :)

Quicky post, as I have to get some finger puppets finished up today, and I haven't even printed out the pattern, oops!  I just finished this project off, and I'm so pleased with it that I had to post it right away :)

Ladybug drawstring bag :)
Presenting ... ladybug drawstring bag :D  The tutorial is here - I printed out her pattern - I printed it out scaled to fit my paper (8.5" x 11"), proportionately, then increased the size by 50%.   My bag finished to 8" tall x 8" wide.  The wings are separate from the main body bag, but I tacked them down at the very bottom so they'd sit in place nicely.  The black dots are little sequins I stitched onto to the wings :)  If I can say so myself without sounding boasty, this is a mighty cute ladybug bag, and officially counts as #25 in my "52 in 16" goal.  I'm pretty sure I won't reach my goal in the next 4 weeks, LOL, but at the very least, I should pass the half-way mark?!  :D

Drawstring bag and finger puppets :)
These are the finger puppets I finished up that needed a cute storage bag to keep them corralled :D  This set of goodies is part of a Christmas gift for a 4 year old girl - her brothers' gifts are almost finished as well, and will be posted when I get them finished :D

All the puppets and the ladybug bag are new projects for me, so I get to post them to Fiona's New to Me for this month ... and since they're Christmas gifts as well, they qualify for Ho Ho Ho for November as well - YAY ME :)  ETA:  Oh yes!  The ladybug bag is going in the Bag It challenge - I almost forgot!

OK!  Butt off computer and back to sewing machine in 3 ... 2 ...



  1. Sweet and chic bag! What are the puppets made from--the base?

  2. Seriously love that drawstring bag!

  3. What a lucky girl! Great gift collection''n

  4. The Ladybug bag may just be your best bag yet Sandra, it is brilliant! Those finger puppets aren't too shabby either :)
    Thanks for linking up to New to Me and Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too.

  5. So cute! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  6. Awesome set, sooo adorable!

  7. Oh how gorgeous! At first i thought it was a flex frame pouch - bet that would work too

  8. Super cute bag. Total #CreativeGoodness



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