Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been a busy little beaver :)

After having so many problems with my Babylock (and the new-to-me Vintage Brother machine I got from craigslist), I discovered that my neighbour's inexpensive (and barely used) Kenmore runs extremely well. It still amazes me that I can sit and sew for hours with no nests, no needles breaking, no screwed up stitches - it's HEAVENLY!!! I finished this crumb top today - the blocks were all assembled on the Kenmore, so I've renamed the project ... this is now my Kenmore-ic Fusion of Crumbs quilt top :D It's folded up - this is 1/8 of the top. The finished quilt will be 54 X 72. The melted wax looking fabric is called Fusion - hence the name ... ;)

Here's a needlecase I recently finished (almost finished, I mean, as it needs a snap sewn on, and I don't have any). Here's a link to the tutorial ... ... isn't hers sweet? And it only takes a few minutes to make - I have fabric lined up to make another 4 or 5 of them - I just need to get felt (and snaps!) - cute cute cute!

I told you I've been busy!! Here are the 4 blocks I have done so far for my Wee Houses project - I'm making it for a friend - it will have 9 of the house blocks (they're 5" square) and sections of pineapple type blocks for the borders. The project will be about 25" square, and is from a book called Paper Piecing Picnic. It'll be very cute! The blocks are paper pieced, which is why my seams are so accurate and my points are PERFECT :p

I think I can get the felt and the snaps at the $ store - my fabric store will probably charge 3X as much as a different store, lol. Sorry Fabricland, but you KNOW it's true!!!

Sandra :)

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  1. Man are doing some really cute stuff...I haven't made the needlecase yet...have no felt...the houses are going to be 'saweeeet'...and you can do a crumb block in lightening speed! Oh...I am going to walk today...but not 2 miles!


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