Friday, February 1, 2008

Pillowcases and Treks :)

That Kenmore I stoleborrowed from my neighbour is a little TROOPER!! Today it *again* ran like a charm - I am LIKING this!! And it surely puts me in a happier mood than my beastly Babylock, lol. Today I whipped up a pair of pillowcases - simple sewing to be sure, but no problems during the construction makes Sandra a happy camper :)

And - my sister-in-law (Heather) and I each put in our first MILE today (me via an exercise video, she via a treadmill) - our goal is to walk 100 miles by May 1, and today was the first day of the "trek". One mile down, 99 to go, LOL.

What a GREAT day!!

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