Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have a happy period ... MY ASS!!!

Wendi Aarons = my new hero.
YOU GO GIRL!!! The "F-16 in my pants" killed me, as did the "Are you fucking kidding me?" ... oh what the hell - the whole thing killed me. I LOL'd ... then I LOL'd some more!! Then came the responses ... "It isn't that far removed from wishing someone a Happy Bowel Movement on the side of the Prep H tube" (HA!!!) ... "Not to mention that when (not if) the wings come loose, you can get yourself a mini Brazilian without wanting one" ... I LOL again and again! Wendi, my hat is OFF to you!!!

I posted earlier about the peanut butter cookies I baked today, but the post disappeared into cyberspace. The cookies are doing the same thing - but they're disappearing into my kids' stomachs, LOL.

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  1. That was soooo funny! I'm gonna have to wander through your posts more often. I've always wondered why people don't comment on old posts. Hope you don't mind. These are priceless!


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