Saturday, February 23, 2008

More stash used = 5 more bibs :)

I had to redo a section of the bright string baby quilt - I used the wrong presser foot to assemble the section. I always use the width of my foot as my seam width, so there was a difference in between the first and second set --- too much to "fudge". I had to rip apart the seam attaching the two rows together, then redo each of the seams putting the blocks together. Oh yes, it was fun. NOT! I use a 1.2 stitch length for most of my sewing, so froggy stitching is a bitch!! But it's fixed, and now I just have to assemble the last section .. using the right foot this time ;)

I picked up a metre of brown flannel at Fabricland yesterday and used it to finish up some scraps my girlfriend Chris had given me (circus animal flannel) - I got 5 bibs done, with a few tiny scraps left over. Not enough for another bib, so I'll save the scraps for crumb blocks.

I also got light purple flannel so I can use up the rest of the purple scraps I have. I think I have enough purple for 3 or 4 bibs. After that will be the cat flannel. I'm getting quite a collection for C4C!!

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  1. Those bibs are adorable. Someday I'll have a grandchild I can make some bibs for.


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