Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16 FNSI :)

Our Amanda wasn't able to make it last night, but Nancy, Susan and I got together for a rollicking fun time in the dungeon :D  Susan brought her hubby along to meet her Aurora buddies - I think we probably scared the **** out of him :D  Just kidding - he was lovely, and he's used to Susan, so Nancy and I didn't phase him, LOL.  Hi Dave! 

Here are a few photos of our evening frivolities - the sewing part, anyways - I forgot to get pictures of the junk healthy food we consumed :D

Susan's house ornaments under construction (tutorial here)

Nancy's fruitiness under construction :)

My embroidery-ness under construction :D

Stuff it!  Stuff it!!

Turn it right side out! ;)

Nancy's lovely completions :)

Susan's lovely completions :D

My froggy completion :)

This is what I embroidered to go inside the froggy bag - it's the recipient's name :)

We had a great time - Susan's husband joked that he could tell we weren't having a very good time because we didn't make any noise downstairs ;)  We could have awoken the dead (from abed! PML!) with our hooting and hollering and carrying on :D


  1. Thanks for the lovely party! It was MAGIC!

  2. I second Nancy's comment. I haven't laughed that much in ages. How we managed to get any sewing done is a miracle... lol.

    Oh and Dave thinks you're both great.

  3. I think you must have had a little too much cola! Looks like you got quite a lot done. I love all the things but especially the little fruits :)

  4. That sounds so fun - love the house ornaments, the fruit, and your pouch! GREAT job ladies!!!

  5. Oh what fun you girls had.... and you actually got things done.... hehehehe

  6. Are you making a pouch for the owner of EasyJet then>?!?


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