Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas gifts :)

Christmas tall pouch and gift bags, went to Alabama :)

Travel bag set and flower pins, now living in Michigan :D
3 owl embroideries (these apparently haven't arrived in Aus yet!)
Paisley bag set (these went to Sweden!)
Pillowcases for Amina (when she was living in California)

Cancan tall pouch, being used in Germany :D
Bunny and sewing stitchouts, living in the UK!
Goldens bag set, at home in Ontario :D


  1. GREAT gifts - and I just today took pictures of mine, lol, I've been SO SLACK about blogging! I'm totally out of the loop and it's a struggle to get back in. And I don't know what day it is....I need the holidays to be completely over, lol!!

  2. clever you.. they are lovely.. I saw the ones for Allie... perfect..

  3. Aminas pillowcases is in sweden now :-)

    thanks for giving away so beautiful crafts


  4. Wahoo! The stitchouts live with me!

  5. Those Golden bags are being LOVED in Ontario! Don't forget to post Graci's bag. That is so cute!! I'd love to see the ones that might have horses on them. :D Otherwise, I'll never see them.

  6. How very international of you. Love the tall bags. I may just have to steal that idea. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


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