Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank God it's over

I know I'm not the only one that had *husband issues* (ahem) @ Christmas - so for those of us that had crap, BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE!   I'm glad the whole thing is over for another year - I must remember for 2012 to arrange to be on another planet or a deserted island for the festive season.  Or maybe just hubby can go to the far-off planet - that bears investigating! 

On a happier note we're waiting for news about a special delivery from our very expectant niece --- I'm sure my sister (grandma-to-be) jumps every time the phone rings!  Any day now ... *rubbing my hands with glee* :)

On a totally unrelated note (hehe) here's a project I completed recently - McCalls #M6368 - burp cloth, taggy blanket and bib :)  I have a pink set under construction as well :D 


  1. Hey so take it easy and sew for your theraphy I doi and it works most every time! Patty

  2. Hi, Sandra. Just happened upon your blog--glad you tell it like it is! I enjoyed your bullfrog video--had to show it to my husband as we have a lot of those around. Enjoyed your quilting projects too! Happy holiday stitching!
    best from Tunisia,

  3. That bib is awesome! What fun! Come here for the holiday next year. I think it would be fun, we will put you up in the sewing room :)

  4. Sandra, you are soooooo funny but I hear you about glad that's over.

  5. I can't think of words to say... so I'll just send lots of Aloha hugs.

  6. Here's an idea - what say we find a tropical beach and have our own Christmas??? No Grinches need apply. *G*

    Cute baby set - hope that baby comes soon!

  7. Hi Sandra
    I had to spend christmasday with my exhusband because of our kids
    not my idea of a happy christmas


  8. My DH can't understand the need to decorate and have the food just right at Christmas but he does tolerate it and will help out. I just love the little cup cake bib. It is so cute :)


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