Monday, September 19, 2011

Fruit-a$$es - always good for a laugh :)

Here we go - a couple of fruit-a$$ zippies using up the last of this delicious fabric :)  Note the sweet crochet flowers, made by She With No Cape - aka Supermom ;)

I used strawberry charms to make the zipper pulls - these (and flamingo charms) were my first Etsy purchases a few years ago, lol.

Here's the other strawberry zipper pull :)

Gobble gobble - 3 turkey bibs which will be mailed soon - I want them to arrive at the recipient's house before our Canadian Thanksgiving :)

Here's a little set I finished a few days ago - I have 2 more sets cut out of that dec weight summer print (a Fabricland remnant) :)


  1. Love those zipper pulls! They really finish the cheeky fabric off!

  2. Those strawberry charms are the perfect little accessory to go with the fruit-a$$ fabric.

    The turkey bibs look fantastic. Great fix for the "oops" and now you can just say that was the plan all along. Of course, when I say things like that in this house... I get the eye roll from whoever is around and a "Yeah sure you did.".. lol.

  3. Oh Sandra that fabric makes me laugh! LOVE what you did with the turkey bibs, great save!! Fabulous projects as always, girl!

  4. I love that fruitladiefabric, nice to make zipperbags of it.

    Im still working on babyquilts.


  5. Your zipper bag finishes keep rising to new heights! Love the flowers and strawberry zipper pulls!


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