Monday, September 5, 2011

Surprise shopping trip - lots o'photos :D

DH surprised me on Saturday with a fabric shopping trip to Buffalo for the day, YAY!  I bought some fabric, and notions, and more fabric, and some groceries - it was an absolutely lovely day out with my favourite husband ;)

I got some sewing done today, and tried out a new recipe - pulled pork quesadillas - YUM! Next time I'll use my big pancake griddle next time so I can make more than 1 at a time :)

Today's projects:

4 winter gift bags :)

Panty bag for Nancy - crochet flower by Wendy!

Orange boxy bag - crochet flowers by Nancy :D

Some of my purchases - some from Hobbty Lobby, but most from Joanns :D

Oranges, orange flowers, mushrooms (LOL!) and a doggy print :)
Brown floral FQ set :)

Christmas print, red and black TOTs :)

Puppy themed FQ set :)
Colourful kiddy FQ set :)

Purple paisley and co-ordinating purple shell buttons :)

Fun notions, including some new velcro colours!

Goodies for Nancy :)


  1. Thanks for my pressies, Sandra! Beautiful job on the presents for my girls too. I am loving those fabrics, and I look forward to scrap bin diving at your place very soon!

  2. That moose and bear Christmas fabric is hilarious! You had a great fabric buying trip too.

    While you were driving to and from Buffalo, I was on the last half of my trip home from Canada. I'm still recovering... lol.

  3. I'm always amazed at how many things you make ... and now you have lots more fabric to make more... lovely colours...

  4. Hobby Lobby? Joann? I'm so jealous I could spit!

  5. thats shopping :-)
    I love the purple with matching buttons, and the kids fabrics.


  6. What fun, you got good deals too! I love the bright colors but the purple with coordinating buttons is cute too! Your projects are fab always you soooo productive gal!
    Hugs, Mickie

  7. Oooooh...looks like you had some fun shopping! With the rate you whip out those projects I'm surprised you don't buy supplies bulk. ;o)

    Love the panty bag for Nancy - did you include some ants? lol

  8. Well give that man a gold star! I can see why he's your favorite. The quesadillas sound SO yummy. Great projects, and great buys!


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