Sunday, September 11, 2011

iSewed :)

One more pillowcase for Blue Hills

Zipper and boxy bag set - a gift :)
YUMMY fabric!
The ladybug fabric is Timeless Treasures Ladybug fabric - debi-c1175-green - I didn't have enough lobster clasps to make the zipper pulls, but I did get the beads strung (with a ladybug bead in the centre of each pull).  There's a crochet heart and little ladybug buttons on the small bags - all 3 are lined with pretty red TOT fabric from Joanns :)


  1. LOL - that's the cleverest title for a post I've ever seen! Yes ma'am, usewed! Love them all!

  2. I recognize that ladybug fabric. Nancy fished a scrap of it out of your scrap bin for me the day we had our meet up. And I think that was one of the kits you showed me that you had made up and ready to sew. It still impresses me how organized you are having all those kits made up like that.


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