Friday, September 16, 2011

September FNSI - report on progress :D

Tonight is September's FNSI - I normally spend it with Nancy but today we were both feeling kinda of *blech* (that's blech, not belch, LOL).  I'm not sure if she'll sew or not, but I hope she's feeling better! I'm going to work on a couple of small items and watch my ebay auctions :D

Goal #1 - prepare and finish 2 pillowcases for a gift - to be mailed the next time we're Stateside.

Goal #2 - kit the remainder of the Christmas fabric from #1 - boxy/zipper bags (gift), pillowcase (Blue Hills).  [X] DONE!

Goal #3 - cut out and work on 2 Tomte dolls for Christmas gifts.
[X] NOT DONE!  Couldn't find the fabric I wanted to use, argh.
Added a new goal - #4 :D

Goal #4 - cut out & finish a stuffed dinosaur.
[X] ALMOST DONE!  Got 2 dinos drafted, one almost completed.  Here's a photo during construction :)

I'll finish this little guy up tomorrow and post pictures of my completions :)  I hope everyone else had a fun and successful FNSI - I sure did!

Edited to add - I did end up finishing the dinosaur at exactly midnight, lol.  He is CUTE!  He's getting some sleep now so he'll be fresh and perky for his photo shoot tomorrow :D



  1. Wow girl, what a success! I'm sorry you two weren't feeling well. Maybe a belch would help? Can't wait to see your dinosaur!

  2. So despite not feeling great, you got loads done! Can't wait to see your dinosaurs

  3. hello Sandra
    Im sewing today, not feeling well so sewing is all I want to do. ha ha ha

    I love what you have done so far. I want to see pics of the dinosaurie (swedish) ha ha

  4. You got a lot more done than I did, that's for sure.

    Can't wait to see the finished dino.


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