Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fruita$$es :D

Fabric is Jungle Baby by Kate Honarvar
Here are the 2 bibs I made to use up the last bits and pieces of these fabrics - they're backed with luscious vanilla (ivory) chenille :)

Fruit Ladies fabric (by Mary Stewart)

Here's the boxy bag I made for Nancy's cousin Stella, using one of my all-time favourite fabrics :D  My dear sister, when presented with a zipper bag made from the same fabric, called it fruita$$ fabric, and that's how I've thought of it since then!


  1. Hey taggy bibs - love them! That fabric is too darling, I'll be thinking of it that way too, lol!

  2. Looks great Sandra...and so does the ticker...good girl...hugs Khris

  3. Your dear sister is right... lol... that's the perfect name for that fabric.

    WOW... just checked your ticker after reading Khris's comment. Way to go... you're so close to half way there. Keep it up!

  4. tags on bibs? awesome! Great stuff!
    Hugs, Mickie


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