Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a crocheted flower world!

Panty bag :)
 Here's panty bag 1 of 2 that I'm making for an order - the sweet lilac crocheted flower was a surprise gifty from lovely noblog Anna in Germany - see, Anna, I told you I was using it right away, lol!  It didn't even spend a night in my house before it found it's new home on a pair of panties :D

Crochet and FSL flowers :)
Here are the rest of the flowers she sent (you can see that one purple one is missing in the photo on the left, lol) - I believe the two red ones on the right are "FSL" (free standing lace) made by an embroidery machine - now just how cool is THAT!  Thank you again, Anna!  (I wonder if my machine does that - I have no idea!)

And here are some crocheted flowers gifted to me by my partner-in-crime Nancy - some are missing because I've already used them, LOL.  Thanks Nanc - see you tomorrow night - are we going out for dinner first, or ... ? 


  1. LOL that panty bag is too cute! Gorgeous flowers. And yes, your machine will do that - it's all in the way the design is digitized, and you use wash-away stabilizer. Any design meant to be free-standing will say so. Some look like they will be, but don't say, and trust me, they aren't.

  2. YOu're going to be drowning in crocheted flowers soon, Nancy will come round to pick you up for dinner and just see a sea of crocheted flowers with your hand sticking out the top, clutching a handful of zippers!

  3. Cute panty bag and I love all your crochet flowers. They go so well on anything :)

  4. Great stuff, can't wait to see what you made friday night!
    Hugs, Mickie


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