Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a scrappy quilt finished ...

but I haven't taken a photo yet because I wanted to sew some buttons into the block intersections, as the quilt is birthed and not quilted.  Hopefully I can get the buttons done in the next day or two - this quilt will be going to Blue Hills :)

In the interim, here are a few projects I *did* get completed - more stash busting, of course, and all will be going to Blue Hills :)  The pillowcase cuffs are from my collection of TOT (tone on tone) fabrics and I used up all the hat fabric for the bodies.  Those ladybugs and chicken fabrics are now finished as well, and even the zipper on 2 of those bags were from a thrift store :)

Pillowcases :)

Boxy and zipper bags :)


  1. Love the hat fabric.

    And what could be better than ladybug fabric, but ladybugs and shamrocks! :o)

    The young people who receive these are going to love them.

  2. Love that hat fabric, such cool pillow cases, I thnk the ladies might be fighting over them!

    Now Sandra, what on earth is "birthing" a quilt? Tell me you didn't give birth to it??

  3. More great finishes.....
    Sandra.... I have a little surprise for you. Email me your mailing addy and I'll get it to you...


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