Friday, September 23, 2011

Something is bugging me :D

A few recent finishes:

 A Christmas pillowcase for Blue Hills (11 of 14 made) ...
 ... a boxy and zipper bag set for ?? I haven't decided yet - I just wanted to use up the last of that Christmas fabric, lol.

 ... zipper bag and Snap Happy bag (LANT, using the Snap Happy bag pattern).  I'm not all that pleased with the design - I like the ones with the flex frame better, but I do like recycling the broken tape measure! 

This quilt top is finished up to the blue piping - the flimsy is sitting on top of a big piece of black TOT fabric on my design wall, as I wanted to see how it would look with that fabric as the border.  It looks mighty fine!  You can't really tell but those blocks are all made with bug fabrics - this is a gift for a 1 year old boy :)


  1. LOts more lovely finishes Sandra... I do like the windmills in the quilt...

  2. I smile just thinking about the young people sleeping at Blue Hills sleeping on their Christmas pillowcases. I know the pillowcases and all the other things you make brightens their worlds.

    I really like the windmill quilt. Do you use a special ruler to cut the angle pieces for the blocks?

  3. The windmill bugs are adorable. I know that Shawn will treasure his quilt -- and the Aunty who drove all that way to present it.


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