Monday, January 14, 2013

A new technique - I like it :D

I remember making a front-zip pouch years ago - it was specially designed so there would be no raw edges inside, but I remember having a hard time figuring out the construction, so I never made another one.  When I spotted this link I signed up for the freebie video class and watched the video - it looked pretty easy, so I tried it out this morning. 

I've made quite a few zipper bags over the years (ya think? LOL!) so I mainly went by the pdf instructions.  I ran into a spot of trouble at the end when it was time to stitch the side seams - there was no picture, and I wasn't sure how to orient the fabric.  That's when I checked out the video, saw what to do, and finished stitching.  When turning it right sides out it looked like it wasn't going to to work - I thought I had done something wrong, but nope - it was FINE!  And not a single raw edge to be found - a well done pattern, to be sure!  Thank you for a wonderful project, video and tutorial, Kristin Link! 

The instructions are for bags in 4 sizes that nest when finished - I think this would be a great set to make for my upcoming trip to Florida!


  1. Looks cute. Like miniature patchwork. Ohhh at fabric shopping trip??

  2. Oh I like this!! It looks perfect =D I've always wanted to make a flat zipper pouch like this, but never get around to it. I'm so happy you got it all figured out and no raw edges....YAY!!!!!!! Go you!!!! =D

  3. You've made lots of zipper pouches? I think the people at Blue Hills will vouch for that statement for sure!

    I'll bet you're looking forward to that trip. I dearly love Florida.

  4. Cool. This kind is on my list as well :-)

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Cute little zipper bag and glad the
    video has helped you out. I have youtube
    to thank for showing me things too!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. What a fab pouch! Well done on tackling a new construction. I believe I may have seen that fabric before... hang on, it was with the sequins and Stitch n' Tear that disappeared from my sewing room... I knew you had them!

  7. Good idea to make some zip bags for yourself for your trip to Florida. I know that the ones you made for me and that I've made for myself really come in handy. You could make yourself a matching set of all sorts of bags... laundry bag, shoe bags, zip bags, etc.

  8. Good to see you're going to sew for yourself!!! I haven't made a bag like this, but I would think that a zip in this position would be easier than one sewn at the top of the bag... like sewing a zip in a dress???? Your pouch looks great...

  9. Awesome! I love it when things work out the way they're supposed to! :)


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