Monday, January 7, 2013

Trapezoid :D

Here's my attempt at lesson #1 - Seed Beads - from First-Time Beading on Fabric, by Liz Kettle - I deliberately used beads to match the background fabric in case things didn't go well, but it went pretty smoothly!  Next time I may brave up and try a color that doesn't blend in :D

Here's the bag I did the beading on -
a trapezoid bag from  It worked out pretty well except for a bit of a "wonked" angle where I had to take an extra deep seam on one of the boxy corners.  Pretty easy to do, so I'll make more - I'll probably draft another template about 25% bigger, to make it a bit easier to work on.  And I think I can avoid the wonk next time :D

Here's one last finish from the weekend - using up some flannel from my flannel box :D


  1. Love your trapezoid pouch, too cute :)

  2. Hi Sandra,
    That beading turned out awesome indeed. The colours are pretty swish too. Love the bibs.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Well done! Looks pretty good.

  4. Oh, Sandra, you have to have good eyes to work with seed beads. I've used them when sewing in a purse frame, but would never have thought of using them like you have. FABULOUS idea!!!

  5. Love the colours used for the pouch and nice touch with the beading.

  6. I think your pouch turned out super cute! I love the beading on it =D And oh my goodness, those little Christmas bibs are adorable =D

  7. well done on the beading, it looks great! The trapezoid pouch is fab! What a great shape. You have a flannel box???

  8. I could have used that book when I was sewing the seed beads on the bird fabric panels I've been embellishing. They're almost finished... just need to find something for the birds' eyes.

    Hope you're feeling better now.

  9. Very pretty beading, Sandra, and I love the shape of the bag!


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