Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finally on the mend ...

I'm finally almost over that dreadful cold I've had - other than a bit of a chesty cough I'm pretty much over it. It hung around for over 2 weeks, and I had to cancel a Keg dinner out with friends ... TWICE!!!

Thanks to my lovely sons bringing me home dead measuring tapes from work, I've been able to whip up some of these snappy "mtape" bags for Blue Hills. I recently tried boxing the bottoms, and now I think I have the sizing right for that. Cute little bags! There are tutorials here and here for those of you that would like to whip some of these up :)  The original design, I believe, is the Snap Happy Bag by Stitchin' Sisters :)

Here's my first finish for the Pretty in Patchwork sewalong from Threadbias - I'll be making 1 or 2 more bags in a similar theme and will post when finished.  The original project is pillows with inset paper pieced blocks - I decided that zipper bags would be more suitable for me :D  This bag measures 10w x 10t x 3.5d :)  Love the photobombing penguin, LOL!!!


  1. I love this little photobombing penguin pouch! It's completely adorable! I wanted to try out some patterns from this book, but my library system doesn't seem to have it, so I have to decide if I want to buy it or not!

  2. These are all adorable! I'm glad you feeling better.

  3. Good to hear you're feeling better. Great paper piecing he looks so cute and beautiful fabric on both the snap happy bags. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  4. lovely snappy bags..... and that penquin is really great..... perfect winter purse...

  5. Oh, I love that penguin bag! His googly eyes are perfect. And he looks like he'd be such fun to make. One more thing for the list once I have a sewing machine again.

  6. That penguin is soooo cute!

    Right after I told my husband about the measuring tape pouches, he lost his measuring tape. I swore I didn't take it (and, for once, I was telling the truth:-}) I was happy when that tape measure finally showed up.

    It will be a while before I get to make one of those. Men are so possessive of their tape measures, and I'm NOT cutting up mine. I have a matching set tools in a lovely blue and gray carrying case. I'll have to check out Harbor Freight for a cheap one.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    Great to hear you are getting better, that old cold has really been hanging on to you. You have been able to still make lots of loving things though. Love the penguin.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Glad you're feeling better, Sandra. The little penguin is SO cute.

  9. I'm so happy you are feeling better!! Yay!!! You snappy pouches are great. I'm in love with the penguin pouch too!!! Oh my goodness. It's too cute with the matching penguin fabric borders =D

  10. eeeek, love that penguin!

    can't believe you gave me the lurgy...


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