Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thrift store find :)

Last year I found a rather worn out and ripped tablecloth at Salvation Army - it seemed to have lots of usable fabric so I bought it - I think I paid about $2 for it. Tonight I found it when I was pulling out my Christmas fabrics, so I grabbed it and whipped up a lined gift bag :) The drawstring top is the same as Terry Atkinson's sock sack, and the construction of the lined bag is the same as Monica (Happy Zombie)'s poochie bag! It's about 17" X 21" (going by memory - I'm too lazy to hike my butt downstairs to remeasure it) :D


  1. Cute bag, such a wonderful idea !

  2. What a great idea. Of course I love it. It is vintage!

  3. very cute..now stop showing off...LOL...you are a busy girl aren't you...hugs Khris


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