Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baked potatoes, anyone? :)

Well - THIS project was a lot of fun! I whipped it up tonight (it's a fast project) and tried it out with a couple of baked potatoes - we had just eaten supper not long before I did the potatoes so I wasn't really hungry, so I threw the potatoes in the fridge for later, lol. They certainly cooked properly, and there was no fire and no sparks - I rate the project a great success :)

Here are a couple of reindeer zipper bags I've completed - I'm doing a set of 6 - isn't this sweet fabric? It's from one of my trips to Joanns, and it's one of my favorite Christmas fabrics :) The fabric looks a bit washed out in this photo but when I try to brighten it, the color changes too much. This is pretty close to what it really looks like, but it's definitely a lot brighter.


  1. These are so cute! Especially love the reindeer bags :D

  2. So what is the "secret" to the potato bags? Is there something special in the lining? What makes them potato bags? I've always been curious.

    Love the reindeer bags. Adorable!


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