Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting stuff done ...

Photo 1 - 2 heart blocks (12.5" unfinished) for a friend (Patty, I've got 4 more cut out and ready to stitch). Photo 2 - some gift zipper bags :) Photo 3 - dog SAL part 5 completed - part 6 is coming out on Wednesday and then the SAL will be finished :)

I just ordered some really FUN fabrics from ebay for some gifts I have in mind ... will post photos when they arrive - both prints are from Elizabeth Stewart and are really REALLY cute, LOL!


  1. MORE fabric!!! You definitely have a problem :D (So says the woman who received a package of stash from The Silver Needle today...oops!)

  2. I'm telling Lish on you! hee hee


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