Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zoomer = back in the hospital ...

He's not critical but he's still not 100% so they're going to change his medication and get him hydrated - hopefully the doubled medication will work and he'll be out tomorrow.  Luckily for us he's easy to pill - we just open his mouth gently, pop in the pill and rub his throat for a second - what a trooper!   This can't be very fun for him, and the $$bills$$ certainly are no fun for us :/

Here's a kitty video I saw today that made me smile - find the missing kitten ;)


  1. We're keeping Zoomer in our thoughts -- let us know how he is!! I know it's tough to have a sick kitty. Glad he's so easy to pill -- sounds like Lester, he's also a real trouper about his pills (and he has multiple ones daily).

  2. Oh I hope that Zoomer gets better fast. Nothing worse than having a sick kitty (in my case, dog). Let's hope he gets out tomorrow.

  3. Hoping Zoomer is better soon, I can't stand it if he's sick.


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