Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Panties :D

Wee kitty update - Zoomer is calm and normal (for him, lol) and doesn't seem to be in any pain, but things aren't quite back to normal yet.  The vet says not to worry yet, so I'm trying not to.  Hopefully his system is just off from the stress he's been through, and he'll be himself soon.  Thanks for the comments and emails checking on him - he's such a doll!

I made panties today, plus the patchworked bag at the top :D  I need to add some beaded zipper pulls and these guys will be finished :)

I got the yoyo added to the fabric basket - it's not crooked IRL - it's just stacked on some fabric in this photo, lol.  Tomorrow I'll add the yoyo to the tote bag and finish the bases for the tote and the basket, then try some luggage tags.  They're the last thing I need to make for this set - I haven't made them before - the tags are small and a bit fiddly, so I hope my fingers are up to the challenge :D

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  1. O MY- I Love each of your projects! The colors are so brave and beautiful! LOVE, LOVE , Love them!

    I think I must be "brain-dead" this morning - but I could not find out what the "panties" are for? Would you mind to educate me?

    Sorry about your furbaby getting sick? They are so precious to us and he is sooo handsome with those EYES that are so beautiful. I think he helps to inspire you - one way - or the other. :)


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