Friday, November 26, 2010

More peek-a-boo :)

 Another peek-a-boo bag , lined with the blue rocket fabric you see in the window. This pattern was designed so there would be no raw edges inside.  It impresses me when the designer goes to the extra effort of doing that!  A - you know which designer I'm referring to that is too lazy to do so, LOL! 

Two cardinal and two rocket zipper bags - this cardinal fabric (from Fabricland) really is delightful to work with - it has such a lovely feel to it, and it washes up, presses and sews so nicely.  I got some yesterday with blue birds as well - not sure what I'll make with it, but I like looking at it, lol.  The rocket fabric matches the rocket Peek-a-boo bag above, and the trinket keepers I made the other day :)  I still have a few small scraps of both rocket fabrics - I wonder what quick/simple project I could whip up that would be suitable for a 6 year old boy - I'll have to put on my thinking cap ;)

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  1. Those cardinal bags are adorable. I have a cousin who absolutely loves cardinals. She collects them, but has never seen one. I've chased one around the neighbourhood with my camera. He's there when I don't have it but just as soon as I grab the camera, he flys away. :(

    You know ... some zippered bags would sure go great in the travels to Oz for a couple of lucky people. :) I think you know them. *hint*


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