Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buttercup, buttercup ...

Oh butter buttercup (sung to the Lollipop lollipop tune) ;)

Here's the buttercup bag I'm working on - Bella - my 1953 Singer 201 - just loves working with pink and cupcakes, LOL.  Who wouldn't? :)  This is step 9 of 20 :D

The other side of the front pinned, ready to be sewn.

The lining waiting for it's turn at the machine.  Notice the magnetic snap has already been applied :)  These are REALLY easy to install, and add a nice touch!

 An hourish later - finished through step 16, and skipping ahead to step 19 (strap).  Should be finished soon *fingers crossed* :)

 Ta da - Buttercup finished ... and oh so sweet :)
 The inside of the Buttercup - cherry lining with a cupcake pocket :D  I made a resized (85% of the original) Skip to my Lou pleated pouch to go inside the bag - will post a photo on my next post.  This set is now ready to be mailed :)

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  1. I have one cut out and ready to be put together although it probably won't make it until after the move.


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