Monday, November 1, 2010

This reminds me of Dick and Jane books ...

We visited my friend Mickie in Pennsylvania last month (hi, Mickie!) and she was sweet enough to gift me some beautiful fabrics - here's one of them - it soooooooooo reminds me of the Dick and Jane readers I remember from Grade 1!  The bib is backed with fluffy white chenille - a bit cranky to work with, but it makes the projects look so special!   I'll call this my Nana bib, lol!

 Some cardinal zippies for Christmas - the fabric is so lovely - I got it from Fabricland a few months ago :)  The lining is a red TOT print - very rich :)
Two more composition notebook covers - this fabric is from Sew Sisters in Toronto - it's Michael Miller Delectable Dessert :)  I only got 1/2 metre, and have just enough left over for two matching zipper bags (which I have cut out to make tomorrow) :)

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  1. Awww..the Dick and Jane is retro-sweet :D

    The cardinals -- oh la la !! :D

    I yearn for the appearance of cardinals here; alas, I have only spotted them infrequently since we've moved here.

    And my sheer delight at observing not one, but a pair, (!!!) in a wintry tree last year quickly turned to humiliation when I covertly stalked them, and discovered they were a pair of velvety deep-red sumac bloomy-thingies :/

    /exit stage left --> FAST


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