Monday, November 22, 2010

It's good to need a pooper scooper ... plus travel set pics :)

Zoomer pooped last night for the first time in over a week - hopefully that means his medication has finally kicked in and he'll start getting better.  It was a really bad week, and I thought I was going to have to make a big decision.  Him being so obviously in pain just about did me in - other pet people know how that feels.  I so much appreciated the emails and calls and prayers that have been sent our way, and the calls and concern from Dr. Nora @ LeGallais - I hope we're over the worst of this, and I hope that (when? if?) if it happens again, I'll catch it earlier! 

I got a couple of notepad covers finished today, using a tutorial written by the delightful Miss Blossom, daughter of Jenny of Elefantz :)  Will get a photo later - I had to come upstairs to get supper started, lol.  Roasted chicken and veggies (Jamie Oliver), and a marble bundt cake :D

 Travel set - all 18 pieces :D
2 notebook covers
6 luggage tags
(notebook covers are roughly 3x5, luggage tags are about 3x6 + strap) 
Tote bag (my design) (12w x 4 x 13, plus straps)
Fabric basket (6w x 4 x 4)
Laundry bag (back, gold batik, 20x28), 3 shoe bags (10x16)

Zipper bags:  panties (9 x 7), round bottom bag (my design, 9x6), regular zipper bag (8x6).  The quilted bag on the far left is lined with Canadian maple leaf fabric and was designed as a passport/receipt bag for crossing the border ;)  It's 8x9, and the "fully lined with no raw edges inside" design is by the delightful Jane :)

This set will go in the mail tomorrow - I hope the recipient(s, lol) like the pieces :)


  1. Yea for Zoomer!!!! I was almost afraid to click on your blog to read what happened today. Lester & Smudge are happy too!!

  2. Too Too cute. You are so productive. I'm hanging my head in shame.


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