Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yeah - about my embroidery skills ...

I don't have any, LOL!!  Well - this WAS my first embroidery project, and it's been a while since I had my lesson, so everything Nancy taught me flew out the window :D  BTW - the thread was variegated, so the color difference is not a booboo :)  I'll get a refresher lesson and will try again - I'm sure next time I'll do better!

Page 2 (inside of front cover) and page 3 ...

Pages 4 and 5 ...

Pages 6 and 7 ...

Back cover :)

And ... 3 large bibs to finish the pink elephant set.  Tomorrow I'll make the drawstring bag to hold all the goodies, and that will use up the last of the fabric (except for scraps).  I should be able to mail it out on Monday.


  1. Miss Sophie will be thrilled with those!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaw brillant! so cuuuuuuute!!!


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