Monday, December 15, 2008

I've got reindeer on my mind ...

I keep finding delicious cross-stitch reindeer patterns, and I can't stop myself - I save all of them!! I even save ones where there's no free pattern available, but the picture is clear enough that I might be able to draft a pattern. Yep, it's a sickness, lol! I spotted these posts today (here and here) and couldn't resist - I had to stitch the little "solid" guy :D When I went searching for the pattern, I found the fun blog that provided the pattern -- It's Daffycat - lots of fun and eye candy!! The free pattern is available on this post. Thank you Sharon for a great pattern and a fun read!

I also made a couple of hotpads today - I had some batik scraps to use up - aren't they sweet? :)


  1. You made a cute ornament with the reindeer! Lovely! I mounted it to a card and then forgot to take a picture before sending it... :) I hope the one who receives it takes a photo of it.
    I like your blog. :)

  2. Oh what cuteness! Love that reindeer, have to check her blog. I love the stuff you've been up to lately.

  3. Cute reindeer! I also love the hotpads. Great use of scraps. I just hate not using every little bit of fabric!

  4. They are really cute!! you are so productive!! :)

    hot cajun


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