Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My part of the challenge!

I recently challenged Miss Lettie to get her van unpacked after her craft show - in return, I would finally get around to decorating my tree ... which has been up since the beginning of December, but which is STILL almost totally naked! There are 2 ornaments on it that I bought in New York on Black Friday - a reindeer which is hidden somewhere, and the sweet flamingo that I've photographed. Got both of the ornaments at Menne Nursery - you should SEE their decorated trees!!

She completed her part of the challenge, and threw the ball back into my court! I'm a woman of my word, so tomorrow I'll do my tree :) Here are the before pictures ... tomorrow I'll get the after pics :D Note the unlit section near the bottom - for some reason that strand of lights is out - I'll have to have hubby or one of the boys have a look at it - that's a BOY job, lol.


  1. Your tree looks very nice even without decorations. I'll check back tomorrow after you work your magic. Can't wait.

  2. Why am I not surprised that you have a flamingo on your tree? Guess you won't be too surprised to hear I have one on mine as well. Actually I'd like to do a 2nd tree ~ white with all tropical ornaments!

  3. love the flamingo!....and now where is the finished tree...i may be to embarrassed to show ours this year...kim decided to 'help'...

  4. ofcourse you have a flamingo in your christmastree :)

    wonder if I can find some chili-ornaments? ha ha ha

    you have a beautiful tree...


  5. It's a GIRL job in my house...lol!


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