Sunday, December 14, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree ...

You were so very difficult to get done this year *sings* -- I won't go into details, but the cobblers kids don't have shoes, the bakers kids are hungry, and the electrician's wife and mom (X2) didn't have proper tree lights for quite a while --- 'nuff said!!!

I finally finished decorating the tree yesterday - nobody else in the family really cares about this kind of stuff so I do it myself. And every year I put out less and less decorations, because it's a lot of work to do when nobody (but me) appreciates it! I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way, tho - I know Barb @ So How Was Your Day? has had some Scroogey days too!! Been there, done that, go through it every year, Barb - so I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! I don't know why I even bother with the tree and the trimmings - every year I just want to cancel the whole shebang - and that includes this year. It's pretty crummy being outnumbered by SCROOGES!


  1. I do all the decorating myself too as Brannon really couldn't care less. He drags himself away from the tv every so often to tell me it looks nice though!
    Yours looks lovely!

  2. Great decorating job, Flamingo Spice! Juju

  3. Your tree looks wonderful to me! We daren't put one up -- the boys are just way too inquisitive. I have a feeling we'd be awoken in the middle of the night by a big crash. We have a couple of small ones that go on the piano and on a table. Hopefully safely.

  4. Miss Sandra, I totally understand. I do the tree trimming all by myself too. Even though I have thoughts each year of not putting up a tree, I force myself to do it because I love Christmas.
    Your tree looks lovely and I am glad that you got around to decorating it. Take care.

  5. Your tree turned out great! I still have a huge amount of Christmas decorations that didn't get put up again this year ~ BUT ~ I did actually get my husband to put lights and stuff up outside yesterday. It's a Christmas miracle!

  6. Ya wanna talk about being surrounded by scrooges ? ! ? ! ?

    Not to worry, you're in good company; that's for darn sure!!

    I'm still trying to get my tree & boxes dragged up from the bowels below, and it's raining today. (have to drag everything up and out and around the house to get it in the front door)

    Comment heard last evening "Looks like we're not having any decorations this year; your mother hasn't done anything"


    Your tree looks lovely, Sandra--at least we all can appreciate the time & effort it takes to make things special & festive for those we love!

  7. Your tree is beautiful! After living alone for 20+ years, having a spouse who enjoys the holidays is a gift I treasure. Nothing better to banish the blues than seeing a Christmas tree lit up! Good job Sandra!

  8. My son mostly decorates our tree. He's 13. My older kids have lost interest but my 2nd daughter (24) did help some string the cranberries. Your tree is lovely.


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