Sunday, December 21, 2008

A "Pennie" (pocket) for your thoughts!

Pennie pockets!! TOO CUTE, and also TOO EASY!!!

Designed by Monica, the freebie pattern is available here. I was inspire to do these in Christmas fabric by this sweet post by Sherri. I made mine a little bit bigger than the pattern - I cut my pieces 10 X 10 and 5 X 5. I can't wait to make a few more of these little cuties! Flickr group for more inspiration pictures is here --- bet you can't make just one!!! ;)


  1. Sandra, I like the size you made! I might not be able to get to these before xmas but I am thinking of the possibilities! Valentines Day--pink and red ones with candy for the kids in them :)
    Easter ones with bunnies! Oh the fun we could do with these!

  2. Oh, yours is sooo cute! I just made two more today for last minute gifts, and I think I might need to make one more set of 4...and I'll be making these for other holidays as well!

  3. It's darling, Sandra! Thanks for sharing with me... I love it. Isn't it fun to make different sizes! I think I'm gonna try a super mini one - if my fumble fingers can handle it. Merry Craftsmas! Monica

  4. So cute! You are one talented lady!

  5. I took the pattern, it's so cute


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