Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not much going on here ...

I'm waiting for permission from hubby's insurance company to go on heavy duty psoriasis medication (injections) - at the moment there isn't a lot I can do because my hands and feet are in bad shape. Today I had a melt-down at the clothesline - I hope nobody was watching - I'm sure I looked ridiculous :D

Here's what's happening in our end of the world - our new car, my new clothesline (Mothers Day gift!), and my cabana project progress (sandwiched and pinned) for Week 8. We told DS2 he couldn't drive the new car so he went out and bought a 2007 Mazada 6 - he takes delivery tomorrow if it's ready - he's BEYOND excited! We only have room for 3 cars in our driveway/garage - we'll have 4 vehicles (hubby's work van, our car, DS1's truck and now DS2's car) so the guys will have to find somewhere on the street for him to park :D Not my problem - the guys can take care of that :D Hard to imagine my baby will be legal drinking age (19 in Ontario) next month - HOLY (*&)(*#@$)$#@(*$# !!!!!


  1. Not sure which I have more appreciation for ~

    your new car

    orrrrrrrrrr ~

    your new clothesline ! ! !

  2. Oh I love the Cabana project! I have thought many many times about buying that pattern, but haven't done it yet. Yours looks amazing!


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