Monday, August 31, 2009

Last finishes for August :)

The gingerbread trim on these bags was a gift from a friend of mine (hi, Cat!) - I spotted it in my fabric basket the other day and decided to use it in some zipper bags - I think they worked out very well! They went into my gift box for Christmas - I meant it months ago when I said everyone was getting a zipper bag for Christmas, LOL!

I have one more picture to post - I'm mailing the project tonight so I'll post a picture when the recipient receives it. I hope she likes it - I'm always so nervous!

My oldest son gave me a pair of shorts a few days ago that needed a button sewn on - I decided to work on them today - when I picked up the shorts I could hear paper crinkling in a pocket. I pulled out the paper and found ... $15!! As I'm pretty sure the lad wasn't paying me for my services, I left a message on his cellphone that I had found some of his money :D Finished shorts + $15 should put a smile on his face! ;)


  1. Haha..I tell all people in my house if I do the laundry ..any thing found in the pockets is mine! But I usually only make a nickel...sometimes a quarter. Everybody sure is getting a zipper bag for!

  2. Love your blog and your zipper bags! The fabric is great. Did you use the tutorial on Heart of Mary's blog? I'm going to try that one, looks very well put together.


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