Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gift for Gabe :)

I don't think they read my blog, so this should still be a surprise. If they DO, oh well - hi, Aimee, hi, Mona!

In 1997 I "met" Mona in a chatroom on the computer. We became online friends, then met in real life, as she also lives in Toronto, and was only 30 minutes away. In 1999 we started chatting with Aimee from the Philippines. We all became fast friends, and Aimee came to visit us in Canada several times. She ended up meeting Mona's brother Steve ... they got married and had Gabriel, and she moved here with her two daughters and G-man. We get together regularly :) Meeting people from the internet isn't always a bad thing!

This weekend we're celebrating Gabe's 4th birthday, so this is what I made him. Back row - travel pillow (12 X 16") ... pillowcase (standard size) ...
Front row - throw rug (18" X 24") ... playdough (cherry!) ... drawstring gift bag to hold everything (nothing to go into the trash, unless Gabe hates his gift, LOL) :)


  1. Love that cute Vehicle fabric - looks great with the orange and perfect for a pre-schooler.

  2. Hi Sandra ~

    You won my blog giveaway for 12 ceramic knobs. I have posted about it tonight. I could not find an email link on your blog, so please contact me at and we'll go from there :).


  3. Me again - I haven't gotten an email from you, and when you leave a comment on my blog, your email address is hidden. I've been checking my spam folder in case it went there, but I haven't seen it.

    Thank you Sandra ~

    Kim and Juneau

  4. That's too funny... just how close people in blogland may reside to you and you don't even realize.

    I persume from Toronto, you a throw from myself as well living just 20-30 minutes form London.

    Too cool. Feel free to pop by and say hello.


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