Monday, June 2, 2008

Rub me for good luck!

Blogs are very dangerous critters. You can go from fun blog to fun blog with just the click of a mouse, and before you know it, 3 hours have gone by ... eeeeeeeeeeep!! Been there, done that, many times!! This weekend I entered several blog contests, and to my total surprise, I actually won TWO OF THEM!

b b in a box is where I won a gorgeous set of 12 ceramic door knobs (she has FLAMINGO KNOBS!! YES!!!) ... and Cottage Magpie is where I won a quilt. Yes, a quilt. Go visit the sites these wonderful ladies have put up, and have a peek around!

I have pictures on my old computer of some other delicious goodies I've won on blog giveaways - I lost track of where I stored the pictures so I don't think I ever posted the pictures. I'll have to crank up the old machine and see if I can find them and post them --- I still read the blogs regularly so I'll give them a public shout-out as well!!

I don't want to do a photoless post, so here's another picture my sister took in her front room - isn't it gorgeous?! Nice photo, Sherry!!


  1. OK, OK, I'm rubbing! Congrats on your wins.

  2. I'm so happy for you....I can't wait to see what you do with the 'flamingo' knobs!

  3. Thanks for entering my contest! I am August Bride as well. :) Do you know that it is the third most popular month to get married - at least it was the year I did. :)

  4. How lucky you are to have won 2 blog contests! Aren't they fun? Enjoy you prizes!

    PS - Thank you for your commenting on my blog.


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