Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gifty Bibs :)

I can post these pictures now because the bibs arrived at their intended recipient's house :) Aren't they cute? The red pieced ones were made with Nascar fabric ... the baby's parents are Nascar fans, and I just happened to have some scraps of Nascar fabric! I am just THAT COOL!!! ;) (yeah yeah, my sister and my kids are rolling their eyes at that, I'm sure, LOL) :)

Odd that the background color is so different in the pictures - they were taken within minutes of each other, in my basement studio. Weird!!

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  1. Sandra ~ Thank you thank you thank you. Little did I know when I first saw this post that the little bib in the corner with the "A" on it was for me. You are just as sweet as can be. I will forward it on to little Abbigale and I'm sure she and her mommy will be thrilled. Thanks again.


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