Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catch Up Post!

We've had ongoing/on/off computer/internet problems for the last [almost] 2 months, and there were some things I meant to post about but didn't. Time to ketchup (catch up)!

A few months ago I won some delicious items from blog giveaways, and didn't post about them. I've rescued the pictures from the old dinosaur computer, and present them here for your viewing pleasure :D

Check out the gorgeous flamingo sack! This came from Barb @ So How Was Your Day? :D She also sent some BBW bath goodies but they didn't make it into the picture because I ran upstairs to use them as soon as I ripped the package open, LOL! Hop over to Barb's blog - she's probably packing right now for her move, but check out her gorgeous new grand-niece Abbigale - what a DOLL!

Here we have some hand painted coasters from Dawn (of Dawn and Jeanine) @ The Baking Beauties - they're my Manitoba connection to recipes that your family will actually eat :D In particular, here are a few I got from them that I've made at least half a dozen times :) Macaroon Cake, Italian Bread Wedges , and Veggie Chowder (I always add diced chicken or ham to this one when I make it). I'm pretty sure I posted about the recipes in my blog as I made them - even tho my kids think it's bizarre to take pictures of our food before we eat it ;)

Thank you ladies, for the sweet goodies and the fun blogs!

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  1. Awww... thanks for the nice comments on the flamingo bag. We are "half" moved. I'll be so glad when this is over and my sewing room is up and running again. I'm going thru withdrawls!


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