Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 more pillowcases, 2 more bibs :)

Goal reached -- I made 2 more pillowcases for - lime green + fish fabrics, tarted up with orange and green trim where the cuff meets the case :) I also got another 2 bibs done but they're gifties, so I'm not posting a picture of them yet. Good day - 4 bibs and 2 pillowcases ... plus I made a huge pot of macaroni salad for supper (that's not a 5 minute job, either!) and tried a new recipe -- Fresh Green Beans from Pioneer Woman Cooks - yummy!

Kids are out looking at a desk from craigslist -- judging by the length of time they've been gone, I'd say the desk met with their approval, and they're taking it apart to get it to fit in the car. They took a whack of tools with them, to be prepared. I hope they haven't been kidnapped and sent into white slavery --- those people will be surprised at how much TEENAGE BOYS EAT!!! HA!!!! I'm not totally blase about this - they both have cellphones with them and I'll be calling them in a few minutes, plus I have the seller's phone number and address, lol.


  1. Out picking up a desk can only mean one thing ... it'll soon be time to hit the books. Electrical vs. Plumbing???

  2. I love the colors of those pillowcases!!

    They are probably coming home with more than a desk...the guy probably unloaded more stuff on

  3. Wow, Sandra, you've been so productive that it puts me to shame. Very cute pillowcases.
    Don't you just love Pioneer Woman? I've been following her for quite a while. She's not only a good cook but she's very humerous too.


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