Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Regular ink that has been heat set = NOT indelible or permanent

I made labels with a stamp I got from a lovely ebay seller - I stamped the fabric, heat set it with my iron, then gave it a test wash ... it sure did look pretty BEFORE it got washed! I need indelible/permanent ink, and will toss these labels :D

I worked on my floral tablerunner this afternoon - it needs borders (same pinecone print as the sashes) and then sandwich/quilt/back/label. It'll finish to about 18" square - just right for a little fall table topper gift :) Maybe I'll make a sock sack to tuck it into ;) I'm also thinking of making small fabric yoyo's to make the centre of each flower - that might make a nice dimensional addition :)


  1. Pretty :)

    Don't forget to post a picture of the

    *Quality-inspected by Zoomer* stamp!!

  2. ...you might could heat-set the ink...stamp is too cute.


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