Friday, September 4, 2009

Ornament Challenge progress :D

A few days ago Meadows08 and I challenged each other to get a cross-stitch ornament completed by September 7. She's doing beautifully on her project - it's gorgeous - I'm pretty sure she'll be done by Monday! (And I'm definitely trying that pizza bread, loL!) I'm almost finished the stitching on mine - it just needs the beads around the neck :) ( I'm thinking red beads). Zoomer was a willing model - thanks Z!!


  1. Oh I love that Daffycat's design! I stitched it last Christmas. Your cat is gorgeous!

  2. The ornament will be cute but Zoomer steals the show!

  3. CUTE CAT!!! The sitching is great too :)

  4. Beautiful and the color goes nicely with Zoomer's fur coat. He has that 'Why is she putting that patch on my belly and then taking my picture?' kind of look on his face! Priceless and oh so cute.


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