Monday, September 7, 2009

She sews, she knits :D

Three more zipper bags completed for the shelter ... and I started knitting another dishcloth - this one - I got 7 rows done and had to rip them all out when I realized that not only had I done a couple of K2P1 [and P2K1] patterns incorrectly, but I somehow managed to increase from 31 to 32 stitches, hehe. I think I was so surprised that I was following a real pattern, that I jinxed myself, LOL. I've been paying closer attention and 12 rows later I think I'm still error free - 40ish more rows to go :D

My cross-stitch challenge buddy got her ornament done right on schedule - I can't wait to see it!


  1. J'aime beaucoup ton tissu avec les chiens et je vois aussi que tu fais de belles trousses. Je viens de commencer la visite de ton blog.
    Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire sur mon blog, ça me fait plaisir.

  2. Man, for 20 years now, I've been extolling your crafting virtues, but I always qualified it with "But she can't knit" LOL!!!

    NOW what !!!!

    *Sandra sews & quilts & crafts & x-stitches & a thousand other things, but she can't weld!!*

    There, all set again. :D

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm killing myself laughing ... Sherry is my dear dear sister ... and just to stick a bug up her a$$ I think I may take a welding course ... ROTFL!!!

    Thanks sis - love you *vbg* :D


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