Sunday, September 20, 2009

Terry Atkinson - it's all your FAULT!

Two more Terry Atkinson sock sacks finished and GORGEOUS!! Look at my zippers - they are perfection, if I do say so myself!! *struts for a moment, then goes back to her normal humble self* :) These are gifts - or rather - they're wrapping for gifts, and a gift themselves :D These little guys finish to about 7.5" X 9" (going by memory, because I'm laying on the couch now and I don't feel like getting up and going downstairs to measure them) :D

Also completed - a lined totebag with matching zipper bag - a gift :)


  1. The sock sacks look fabulous! I'm amazed at how many of these you make!!

  2. Sandra I love your matching tote and zipper bag! Where did you get the pattern for the tote??? You're going to make lots of people very happy this Christmas!

  3. *What THEY said* ~ squared!



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