Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Superhero capes!

I spotted this tutorial a while ago and thought it would be fun to make these for a couple of young kids I know :D The recipients are 3 -- I made these in the largest size (marked as 4T+).   I had a slender 4 (almost 5) year old try one on, and I thought it was too small for him, so I would use the large size for a kiddo up to about 3, and would increase the length and width for 4+.  The smaller size is probably good for a 2 year old (I haven't tried it though).

The little "blob" you see on each of them is a superhero button - the package didn't have any GIRL superhero designs (??!!) so the red cape has a red button that says BOOM! and the blue cape has a superhero character :) These are REALLY quick to make up - under 2 hours start to finish - and nothing difficult or fiddly. I got the superhero emblem/alphabet here (freebie), and did the initial in the recipient's name :) The blue solid fabric is a king size sheet that I got on clearance at Walmart for $5 - score!

A few more early August bib-ly finishes, for Blue Hills.  I'm going to see if they want some superhero capes too, when I can figure out some more accurate sizing for older kids :)


  1. Your bibs are so cute and the super hero capes are awesome. The recipients will be thrilled to bits with them.

  2. Ha, been wondering what you've been up to.
    If I was (still) a kid and you were my aunt, you would be my favorite aunt- that's for sure! So many fun gifties you sew and share.

  3. The capes are adorable! When I was a kid, we just had towel capes and swords made from pieces of my dad's old Erector set :)

  4. Love LOVE these capes, they are awesome! I saw a story about a woman who makes capes for children who are coping with pediatric diseases, thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

    Not sure about the video, it's not there but the bibs are lovely too!
    Love ya gal! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  5. Awesome capes!!! They'll be a hit for sure.

  6. Freakin' adorable! Will have to make one for Angelica with big sister on it because Arabella has arrived!

    Apparently Angelica was expecting a cat. She keeps petting the new baby.

  7. Woman....where do you find the time? You are crazy talented!!!

  8. fab, fab, fab. Love the capes and love the bibs - especially the whales!

  9. I'm loving those superhero capes! They make me want to actually break my sewing machine out which happens far too rarely.

    1. (I couldn't email you a response, Hannah ...)
      Get that machine out, Hannah - you could make Miss L a pretty superhero cape with her initial on the back - it would be adorable, and she could eat chocolate chip cherry coconut cookies while running around doing superhero things :D

      Sandra :)

  10. Thanks for linking to the Super Hero Cape! You have made the Made By You post today on Thread Riding Hood. Thanks for sharing!


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