Friday, September 2, 2016

Tomorrow we're buying a fan ...

because my hot flashes are NUTS!  I have ceiling fans in most of the rooms  upstairs, but down here in the basement I have nothing, and I need to be able to cool down :D  These things are happening all day long, and I practically melt into the bed and pillow when I'm trying to sleep.  UGH!  Then there are the cold flashes, so I alternate between wearing a sweatshirt and then ripping it off, haha.  Fun times!  

A few recent finishes that I hadn't posted yet - most of these have now been packed up ready to go to Blue Hills :)

Retreat bag (I like them better without the frames)  :)

Fun and colourful froggy "use up scraps" zipper bags :)

Pineapple zippy - tutorial here :)  This one will likely be a gift - who doesn't need a purple pineapple zippy?  LOL!

Smurf Eunice bag --- 8.5" tall x 5" in diameter :) Note the Smurf charm (Ebay) - and the fabric was only $2/yard from a Walmart clearance :D  (NAYY)  
Eunice was a new to me pattern - I made her today, and will be making more, but I'll upsize them a bit.   This one was a trial run, and she worked out perfectly - she's actually giftable!  Next time around I'll add a tab at the bottom of the zipper to make it easier to zip and unzip :)  She counts as #23 in my 52 in 16 attempt :D

For Labour Day weekend in 2015 hubby and I went to a tractor pull and demolition derby in Port Perry, Ontario - we're going again this year - I do believe we have a new tradition now!  We both love the pulls and demo derbies - I have to remember to take my ear plugs because I'm not quite 100% yet after my accident, and loud noises bother me.  It's going to be a fun weekend - Port Perry is a very pretty little town, and it looks like the weather will be perfect :)

Have fun, and STAY SAFE - don't text and drive, and don't tug on Superman's cape!  ;)


  1. You call them hot flashes, we call them hot flushes. Hope the fan in the dungeon helps. My kids would have loved that Smurf fabric when they were little. Makes a great bag. Have fun in Port Perry.

  2. I think i've missed something - what accident? Are you ok?

    I'm also suffering with hot flushes due to my meds and i live in a country that doesn't tend to have air con or ceiling fans!

  3. Hot flashes! Hang in there, they get much less bothersome with time. I remember having them fog up my glasses when I was your age. Fans and no pull-over sweaters or sweatshirts will help life.

    Love all your finishes. The purple pineapple really stands out. I have the retreat bag pattern and frames, but haven't gotten to it yet. I really need to set some goals for the sewing room!

    Hope your head is completely better soon. Wait a minute, I don't want you completely normal. That would be boring.

  4. What accident?
    My husband, in his stupid man intelligence, can't understand why I must have a fan AND air conditioning on at the same time.
    So far, I've only had hot flashes when I was sick with the flu last March. Keep up on your B vitamins - it helps.

  5. Ugh hot flashes - nice in winter, not so nice in summer!! You reach a limit in how many clothes you can remove. Lovely finishes all - hoping you're back to 100% soon!!!

  6. Great makes! I haven't had any cold flushes, just hot and very hot - I have a whole load of really thick Norwegian knitted jumpers that I haven't worn for 4 years - just haven't been cold enough!!


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