Friday, July 28, 2017

More denim - 3 of 20 :D

Okie dokie, artichokie - another pair of kids jeans has been cut to pieces and restitched, this time resulting in 6 finishes :D

Here we have a critter ... from the pattern @ this post :)

Regular zipper bags

Tiny little boxy bag with angled corners :)

If baby aims carefully, they can drop their crumbs into the pockets of these bibs :D

A few years ago, a bloggy friend - Katherine - gave me some scraps (probably from a quilt, judging by the cuts!) - they've been ripening in my stash for an embarrassingly long time, but have now come out to play :)  The first project I made was a QAYG zipper pouch, made with log cabin-ish type blocks.  It's lined with lovely grey polka dot fabric just because :)  See the yellow flower button on the left?  It's from a card of 3 buttons that another bloggy buddy sent me for no reason whatsoever - and doesn't it work perfectly with this project?  Thank you Katherine and Karen :)

Last, but certainly not least - a new-to-me design using more of Katherine's scraps :)  This is a Bella clutch from the Clover and Violet website - the free tutorial is here :)  I really like the shape and gathering - it's very pretty and feminine :)   You could actually make this bag in any size - I like that, because it allows me to use up the last bits and pieces of fabrics by sizing the bag to fit the fabrics, rather than doing it the other way around :D   This project qualifies for Fiona's New to Me linky party for July - I made it in the nick of time, lol!

(A running total of the jeans upcycle finishes = 8 + 5 + 6 = 19 finishes from 3 pairs :D)


  1. Look at you! I can't seem to coordinate sewing, taking photos and blogging these days.
    Love your rocket ship bags.

  2. There's just no end to your creativity! Well done using up more jeans fabric. And you've only used three pair of jeans! What will you come up with next? Can't wait to see. You are very welcome, btw. I'd forgotten about those buttons. Isn't random mail fun? Great use of your scraps, too! Love those bags! XO

  3. Look at all the embroidery stitching on the denim zippie - looks awsesome!!!

  4. Dang girl!!! What great projects! You're doing well with those jeans - I had bought a ton at a church sale, never did anything with them, finally donated them back, lol.

  5. I love your critter cute!! :)

  6. This really is another fab ex-jeans collection. I love the Critters :)

  7. You really are the recycling queen! I hadn't heard "Okie dokie, artichokie" our family says (blame mother in law) "okie dokie penny a lump the more you eat the more you jump" No I have no idea but that doesn't stop us! (Also a three way hug means we jump up and down saying "all the lumps of suggerdy sug " and if a child lays face down within reach (ideally on your lap) you pound your fingers on their spine like playing the piano singing "ludderly dudderly diddly do". No , I don't know if any other family that does the same - I must ask Brian's cousins!!!


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